IIPA Kerala Regional Branch

The Indian Institute of Public Administration was set up in 1954 to enhance the leadership and managerial capabilities of Executives in Government, public enterprises and other public organizations. It was established at the initiative of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who inaugurated it on 29 March 1954. The establishment of this autonomous body was an outcome of a survey on public administration in the country carried out by Paul H.Appleby, the renowned professor of Public Administration and Chairman of the Ford Foundation, USA. The Vice-President of India is the Patron of this centre of excellence. This institution has close association with Universities, advanced research centres, training institute and government departments. It has a distinguished and experienced faculty in the field of economic analysis and financial management, human resource development and behavioral studies, management studies, public enterprise, computer applications, public policy and environment studies etc.

The Kerala Regional Branch was started  in 1956 on the initiative of Sri V K N Menon a great educationist and former vice chancellor of Patna University. He was director of IIPA New Delhi 1956-1964. Jawharlal Nehru was then its president 1954-64 and V T Krishnamachari its Chair person 1954-1963,  KRB was then known as KIPA and functioning in Barton Hill Bunglow from 1956.. Dr.S.N.Sadasivan, longtime faculty member, IAS Academy, Mussourie, and a distinguished academician was put in charge of the activities of KIPA. Shri.G.Bhaskaran Nair, former Chief Secretary, Government of Kerala and former Chief advisory to the Governor of Kerala later became its Chairman. When Barton Hill Bungalow was taken over by IMG, KIPA was part of that and has been utilizing all the infrastructural facilities available there. After the shifting of IMG, from Barton Hill Bungalow to the present location, IIPA Regional Branch was given a special room and facilities in the library to keep the library books of IIPA KRB.